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What is Cinnamon Sugar and How Do I Make It?


Cinnamon sugar is a delicious blend of sugar and cinnamon, an aromatic and pleasantly warm spice made from the bark of one of several related species of trees.

A flavourful addition to a huge variety of recipes, a supply of cinnamon sugar should be in every baker’s pantry. Fortunately, it’s easy to make your own cinnamon sugar in just minutes.

Which sugar should I use?

Depending on the flavour profile you’re after, you can use any type of sugar to make your cinnamon sugar.

Using Redpath® Golden Yellow Sugar creates a richer flavour, with a hint of caramel for a more pronounced impact on baked goods and in drinks.

For a more robust and complex caramel flavour, try Redpath® Dark Brown Sugar. The moist and decadent cinnamon sugar it makes is exceptional in dark roast coffees and as a filling for cinnamon rolls, buns, and babka.

For a pure, sweet cinnamon flavour, use Redpath® Granulated Sugar in your cinnamon mixture. The lighter touch works well in many applications.

What is the ratio of cinnamon sugar?

Although you’ll use more sugar than cinnamon, there is no specific ratio of cinnamon to sugar when making your own cinnamon sugar. It will depend partially on your personal preference, the application, and which type of sugar you use in your recipe.

To see our recipe for three kinds of cinnamon sugar, click the link below.

What is cinnamon sugar used for?

The combination of sugar’s natural sweetness and the subtle, comforting warmth of cinnamon make cinnamon sugar a classic topping for many baked goods and other treats. It also works deliciously well as a mix-in or rimmer for some beverages.

For example, dipping any fried dough treats in cinnamon sugar –like donuts, fritters, and churros– adds rich flavour to the exterior and a bit of crunchy texture. Likewise, you can roll cookie dough in cinnamon sugar before baking to really heighten the flavour experience. Sugar cookies and Snickerdoodles are perfect choices for the cinnamon sugar treatment.

As a topping, cinnamon sugar is delicious sprinkled over sliced apples, pancakes, waffles, French toast, buttered toast, yogurt and parfait, oatmeal, and cereal, as well as on muffins before or after baking.

Elevate your regular cup of coffee or latte by replacing your usual sweetener with a Golden Yellow or Dark Brown Sugar-based cinnamon sugar. This addition will impart a subtle caramel undertone and a hint of spice to your favourite brew.