Redpath Baking School Challenge


Week 4: Espresso Nanaimo Bars

A Canadian classic gets a coffee fix on this episode of the Redpath Baking School Challenge! Our 3 teams of bakers take on the West Coast treat under the watchful eye of host and baking expert Priscila Stuart. Which team will brew up the winning recipe? Watch the show and see if you can guess whose bars are Priscila’s pick! Give the recipe a try yourself! It’s right here on our website: Espresso Nanaimo Bars




Top tips to make the perfect Nanaimo bars




Week 3: Coconut Crème Brûlée

A great creme brûlée is all about the contrasting textures: a smooth custard filling, and a crisp, torched sugar top. Follow along as our contestants craft this decadent dairy-free delight and try to balance flavour, texture, and appearance. Which incredible dessert will get Priscila’s seal of approval and win the day? Here’s the recipe for you to try - and you can declare yourself the winner! Coconut Crème Brûlée




Top tips to bake the perfect crème brûlée




Week 2: Cupcakes

The pressure is on as 3 teams of bakers attempt to craft the most beautiful, most delicious cupcakes they can. Whose sweet creations will bring home the grand prize? Host Adam Reid will weigh in with his thoughts, but the final decision rests with our baking expert, Priscila Stuart! If this video puts you in the mood for some baked goodies, here’s one of our favourite cupcake recipes: Orange-Rosemary Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Frosting.




Top tips to bake the perfect cupcake




Week 1: Mini Fruit Pies

In this episode, our teams go toe-to-toe and dough-to-dough. Baking expert Priscila has given them creative freedom for the fruit filling, so anything goes! In the end, it’ll come down to appearance, texture, and taste when determining this week’s winner. Join Adam and Priscila in the kitchen for our Fruit Pie face-off! Feeling inspired? Try our recipe for Mini Nectarine and Cranberry Pies.




Top tips to bake the perfect pie